• Graham Pickles - 12 Desk Pickles

    12deskpicklestdpwebsiteGraham is the brains of Croft UK Radio. A business entrepreneur who has managed several businesses including Comet and Bellplas and has flown all over the world with his work.

    Also an experienced Radio Broadcaster and has been working with Rebecca since they were both at 104.5 CVFM in Middlesbrough.

    Now living in the Highlands, Scotland, where they both present the Breakfast Show on Croft UK Radio, as well as broadcasting to Viking Radio 192, Peakhill FM 89.5, BondiTunesInternational & Gatwick Radio Online.

    It does also have to be said that Graham is actually a Blow Up Character that Rebecca inflates purposefully for the Radio shows and his on-air name is "12 Desk Pickles".

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  • Rebecca Royale

    rebeccaroyalerebeccawebsite cropI am a Radio Broadcaster with many years of experience at Presenting and Producing on Radio Stations. I'm based in the Highlands of Scotland..

    I own CROFT UK RADIO, along with Graham Pickles and we host the Breakfast Show, which also broadcasts to other Radio Stations.

    The CROFT UK RADIO Breakfast Show, Mondays-Fridays, 6-9am. With me, The Blow Up Character 12 Desk Pickles. Also, Rascall The Dog with his Rasclet's Factlets, Scruffy The Dog, the Political Reporter & also cooks meals on the show. Mondays - Fridays. 6 - 9am..

    I am also available for bespoke Radio Shows, Production, Jingles and Voice Overs.

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  • Rascall The Dog


    I'm Rascall The Dog and I'm on The Breakfast Show. I'm 13 years old, a white poodle and I'm a funny dog... I crack jokes!
    I have also started a new feature for the show called "Rasclet's Factlets!"

    I am also the Station Manager of Croft UK Radio.

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  • Scruffy The Dog

    scruffythedog3scruffywebsiteI'm Scruffy The Dog. I'm black & grey with a beard and I'm a self taught Ballroom Dancer. I'm also the Breakfast Show Reporter covering News, Entertainment & Politics. I also cook meals live On-Air!

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